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Transport is airy, ground, can also be underground, without overland, rail, water, underwater. Transport is divided into two types: public transport and non -common transport. Public transport does not need...

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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is not a standard procedure. The type of cargo, the type of vehicle, the selected customs procedure may affect the volume of information. For example, customs clearance begins...

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Audi RS 7 Review

The appearance of the new Audi RS7 was a very exciting event for fans of this model. With 553 l. With. Under the hood, she simply must be the best....

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Updated Audi A4 2013

We recently talked about the new Audi A5. Now, Audi showed the updated version of A4, which will amaze demonstration halls in Europe in January 2013. In Europe, the refreshed...

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